We are a homemade jam and professional clothing brand based in Zanzibar since the beginning of 2019. Attracted by all the hidden treasures Zanzibar has to offer, our story dates back to our very first visit to the island years ago, where we were drawn into its charm, colors and flavors. 

Not just a company, we are also committed to a cause. We believe that by empowering local enterprises we are contributing to the social and economic health of an entire community and therefore we promote local production while supporting small local businesses. We also encourage language education and environmental awareness, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, embracing diversity and at the same time, remaining true to our core values of social, racial, cultural and gender equality. We understand the importance of cultural heritage and therefore we are bound to helping protect the Swahili language and cultural values.

Our authentic homemade jams are made from fresh, local, wholesome fruits, free from artificial flavors and from preservatives. As for our professional clothing line, we manufacture locally, with handpicked local fabrics.

While we have specifically designed product lines to supply hotels, resorts and SPA’s, we are determined to providing custom-made products in order to suit your own needs.

The Tasty Session That Will Get You Jamming!